The authors vision for Stubborn in Love is to reach and grab the attention of many young adults who are trying to find their place and purpose in the world; struggling or struggled with the justice system and fighting against societies norm in their personal and social life.


Tenisha can only hope to inspire and empower her readers to set their sights on any and everything they wish to accomplish in life and to remind you all that there is no rush as long as you get it done. We all have the knowledge and wisdom to create and produce many things, ignore the stigma that’s set to hold us back because you are, we are, and I am much more than what society portrays us to be.


The overall mission is to inform youth that at some point in our lives we must find a way to understand and absorb rejection. If you are passionate enough about your craft, that “no” will only be motivation to create your own path. That “no” will give you a push where eventually streams of income will be knocking at your door. Sooner or later, you will begin to turn all that negative energy you have encountered and turn it into positives. It may not be an easy task but if you want it enough, your dream will become your reality and that is when you will be able to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED with your head held high!